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I  built and launched moooodify as a website in mid 2019. It lets you sort your favourite Spotify music by any mood, which you can then save as playlists.

It launched at #2 on Product Hunt.

Side Project
Live website

Why did I make this?

I love music and everything about it. I can immerse myself for hours listening to old and new songs alike. Most of the time, I listen to music depending on what my mood is. Let’s face it, sad times call for sad playlists. Parties call for an upbeat playlist.

I didn’t really have a way to make these playlists from my music automatically, and I couldn’t find anything that could.

Spotify’s Daily Mixes are more genre-based than mood-based.

The Daily Mixes are genre-based, not mood-based

Spotify’s Browse section has music based on mood, but it’s music I don’t know about, and it’s mostly hit or miss. I really wanted to listen to my favourite music based on my mood.

These are more miss than hit

This is why I built moooodify. It can automatically sort your favourite music into pre-generated moods like upbeat, mellow, party, relaxing, and high energy.

However, like all side projects I do, the main reason I built this is for learning

I wanted to test out the whole flow from designing, developing, releasing, to tracking it. You can read more about how I developed it here.

How does it work?

moooodify sorts the music into pre-set moods as mentioned above. If the presets don’t match your current mood, you can set your own mood, and moooodify will create a playlist based on that.

Once you find playlists that reflect your mood, you can also save them directly to Spotify!



This was a great exercise for me to give the website a real personality and brand through colours, typography, and interactions. I wanted it to be friendly, approachable and fun, just like music should be.

I chose the color as it looks fun and friendly at the same time. I used emojis for the same reason. The typeface is also a geometric sans but with a warm and humanistic feel.

The interactions, like the music list loading, and the button hover states were done to give it more polish. I wanted a moment of delight and anticipation particularly with the music loading, which is why it cascades down like a big reveal.

I believe in getting the product out quickly, testing it, and based on feedback designing it again. It is an endless loop, and a design is never finished. This is a great opportunity for me to see how users behave on the website, and I’m looking forward to the suggestions and feedback I receive, so I can take it all into account for designing the next version of moooodify.


I learned a LOT about web development on this project. Making it completely responsive, making it work on all browsers, and fetching Spotify APIs got me to learn things I never knew about before. You can read more about how I developed it here.


I’m using Google Tag Manager along with Google Analytics to see user behaviour, and to track events like button clicks, so I can analyse it and make future design decisions. Apart from tracking, I am also experimenting with SEO and seeing what leads to a good search ranking.